Absence Manager

This is an open source version of SLR Software’s popular Absence Management application.

Absence Manager


Domino console command to install this app on your server:

tell Genesis install absence

Install in MyAccount (for Prominic customers only)

Source code

If the project doesn't open in Moonshine-IDE, then run Project > Import Genesis Directory Application and paste the below URL.

Features overview:

  • Powerful multiple approver workflow engine.
  • Secure Central Team Calendar(s)
  • Personal calendar integration.
  • Ability to book leave by the hour/ quarter day/ half day/ full day
  • Specify date on which holiday/ vacation year begins.
  • Handles Public/ Bank holidays.
  • Include/ Exclude weekends when requesting leave
  • Graphical reporting view showing what % cover a department has on any given day.
  • Dynamic Localization
  • Automated end of year administration.
  • Automatic email reminders for overdue approvals.
  • Cancel requests - current and retrospective.
  • Manage departments/ sections using groups.
  • Carry over holidays to next year.
  • Specify recommended maximum number of consecutive days which can be booked.
  • Record ANY Leave Type - including quotas
  • Web Interface
  • Record & Display in Days OR Hours
  • Automated Accrual of leave time if required
  • Reporting Module

Version: 1.0.0

    "title": "Absence Mail v${version} (OpenNTF)",
    "versionjson": "${versionjson}",

        "version": "${version}"

    "steps": [
        "title": "--- Step 1. Download file ---",
        "files": [
            {"from": "${baseurl}/0/${docid}/$FILE/absence_20190402.ntf", "to": "${directory}/absence_20190402.ntf"}
        "title": "--- Step 2. Configure Databases ---",
        "databases": [
                "action": "create",
                "filePath": "absence.nsf",
                "title": "No User - Mail",
                "templatePath": "absence_20190402.ntf",
                "sign": true
        "title": "--- Step 3 (final). Completed ---",
        "messages": ["You have installed Absence Mail database", "Please update a Configuration profile"]