What is Genesis

Oct 9, 2021

Genesis is a Java addin that runs on Domino server and allow you to install and update applications within 1 command line.

How can I try it on my Domino server?

Overall the process is quite simple and should not take much time.

  1. First of all you need to donwload Genesis.jar file. You can always pick the latest version from github: GitHub (Genesis)
  2. Create folder JavaAddin/Genesis and copy genesis.jar there (the full path could look like this: opt/hcl/domino/data/JavaAddin/Genesis/Genesis-0.6.15.jar)
  3. Register Genesis addin in notes.ini:
  4. JavaUserClassesExt=GJA_Genesis
  5. GJA_Genesis=JavaAddin/Genesis/Genesis-0.6.15.jar
  6. Restart runjava task using two commands below:
  7. tell runjava quit
  8. load runjava Genesis
  9. That is it

Can I use my own App Catalog?

Yes. By default Genesis uses https://appstore.dominogenesis.com/gc.nsf catalog however you can set your own catalog as well like below

load runjava Genesis $endpoint

In additional to that you can always install application form other catalogs:

load runjava Genesis
tell Genesis origin $endpoint $secret $command

You can read more details here

What if I need help to configure Genesis?

Prominic.NET will be happy to help you. Don't hesitate to contact us using Contact form