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Genesis Directory

A better way to deploy your applications

Genesis Catalog Addin

Communication with Genesis.Directory Catalog works using JavaAddin running on Domino server

Install Application

One line to install application:

tell Genesis install DbSigner

Private catalog

You can setup your own apps catalog and point Genesis Addin to use it

Open Source

Genesis Catalog is open-sourced. Add your application there

"Working with Genesis catalog has saved us tons of time
Genesis just makes things way easier and enjoyable!"
Justin Hill
Justin Hill / CTO, Prominic.NET

Popular Apps

Most popular applications which you can deploy to your server

MFA for HCL Domino
Domino Application/Database
MFA for HCL Domino

enable MFA (for web apps)

Domino Application/Database
iMessageSMS Java Adddin

send SMS using (requires a Twilio account)

VMobile CRM
Domino Application/Database
VMobile CRM

CRM solution