What is Genesis

Oct 9, 2021

Genesis is a Java addin that runs on Domino server and allow you to install and update applications within 1 command line.

How can I try it on my Domino server?

Overall the process is quite simple and should not take much time.

  • First of all you need to donwload Genesis.jar file. You can always pick the latest version from github: Genesis Repo
  • Create folder JavaAddin/Genesis and copy genesis.jar there (the full path could look like this: opt/hcl/domino/data/JavaAddin/Genesis/Genesis-0.6.15.jar)
  • Register Genesis addin in notes.ini:
  • JavaUserClassesExt=GJA_Genesis
  • GJA_Genesis=JavaAddin/Genesis/Genesis-0.6.15.jar
  • Restart runjava task using two commands below:
  • tell runjava quit
  • load runjava Genesis
  • That is it

Can I have my own App Catalog?

Yes. By default Genesis uses https://appstore.dominogenesis.com/gc.nsf catalog however you can set your own catalog as well like below

load runjava Genesis $endpoint

What if I need help to configure Genesis?

Prominic.NET will be happy to help you. Don't hesitate to contact us using Contact form